Centralized wallets


Internet Purses:

They are centralized because they have their headquarters, so these are traditional (old-fashioned) internet wallets:

elektronikus pénztárcák
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One of the oldest and most reliable online wallets. Always pay in time. To transfer another paypal to your internet wallet, you need the other party's paypal email address and your password, and the transfer is immediately made.

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It is the 2nd most common and most common internet wallet (formerly known as Moneybookers). This is also trustworthy, always paid in time (online instant 1 email also for bank transfer in about 1 business day.

advcash online pénztárca
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A trusted web wallet, which is mainly popular in Asia and is therefore not well-known at home but very professional, is my favorite amongst centralized wallets because it has a million features that one of the other wallets (or hundreds of cryptovaluta switch-over solutions), or cheaper the same like other centralized wallets.
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